DTA says Oshakati Town Council is "tribal authority"

16 Nov 2015 08:40am
OSHAKATI, 16 NOV (NAMPA) – The DTA of Namibia’s national secretary for mobilisation, Agatus Antanga says the ruling Swapo Party deserves to be voted out for making the Oshakati Town Council “a tribal local authority”.
Antanga said this while addressing a DTA campaign meeting for the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority Elections at Oshakati in the Oshana Region on Saturday.
“The Oshakati Town Council remains a tribal and family local authority, as the Swapo Party has continuously appointed the majority members of the council from the Oshikwambi-speaking community for the past 25 years of independence,” Antanga, who is also an Oshikwambi-speaking Namibian, claimed.
He said a local authority dominated by one tribe, like that of Oshakati, cannot serve the interests of a community with diverse tribal backgrounds.
“Vote for DTA candidates during the elections on 27 November to get rid of the Oshakati Town Council of Oshikwambi-speaking members and have an inclusive local authority,” he said.
Speaking at the same meeting, the DTA Member of Parliament, Vipuaa Muharukua said representation in all authorities in the country should be inclusive.
Muharukua claimed that the Namibian Government shows no inclusivity, because “people are intimidated and threatened to fly a Swapo Party flag to keep their Government positions”.
“People, like at Epupa in the Kunene Region where I came from, are intimidated to fly flags of the ruling party (Swapo) so that they can be given drought relief food even if the food is donated and not bought with Government money,” he alleged.
He used the same meeting to shoot down allegations that the DTA is a political organisation for members of the Ovaherero community only.
“The first party president, Clemens Kapuuo was a Herero, but he was followed by Oshiwambo-speaking Kornelius Ndjobo, the third president was Mishake Muyongo from the Zambezi Region, Katuutire Kaura and then our current president McHenry Venaani,” Muharukua said.
DTA candidates for the Oshakati Local Authority are Linus Tobias, Antanga, Andreas Daniel, Emilia Petrus, Iginus Daniel, Sesilia Shekutamba and Loide Iipinge.