Pipe burst interrupts water supply

November 12, 2015, 7:57am

By the Villager Newspaper, press release City of Windhoek

A 600mm water supply pipe burst at about 5 am this morning interrupting the water supply to most of the central areas of Windhoek including Eros, Dorado Park, CBD, Windhoek West/North, Windhoek Central, Klein Windhoek, Southern Industry, Ludwigsdorf Dorado Park, CBD etc.

The portion that burst has been isolated and the Central and Low Level Reservoirs are being opened to supply water again. This is unfortunately a time consuming process and it is not expected that all affected areas will have normal water supply before 12h00 today.

The supply in some of the areas such as Windhoek North is already returning to normal and the situation could normalize earlier than expected. City of Windhoek's technical team is attending to this, to ensure normal water supply as soon as possible.