Swapo confident at winning Daures

11 Nov 2015 17:00pm
UIS, 11 NOV (NAMPA) – The Swapo Party leadership in the Erongo Region last week Friday hosted a star rally for the Regional Council and Local Authority elections, which they called “a celebration of opposition parties' downfall”.
The elections are scheduled to take place 27 November 2015.
Addressing a well-attended rally at Uis settlement, Swapo candidate and councillor for the Daures Constituency, Ehrnst Katjiku said the event was aimed at celebrating the downfall of opposition parties in the Daures constituency and the rest of the country.
Swapo, through Katjiku, made history in 2010 by defeating the rival United Democratic Front (UDF) that has dominated the Daures elections since Independence in 1990.
That same year, Chief Elias Thaniseb of the Daures Daman Traditional Authority in Uis also left the UDF to join the Swapo Party, taking many of his subjects along with him.
“We are celebrating the victory in anticipation. This star rally marks a very significant history in Erongo and in particular, in the Daures Constituency,” Katjiku said.
Katjiku is contesting the councillor position along with Joram Kennedy !Haoseb from UDF; Venekenda Rukoro from the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) and Duludi Ndjiharine from the DTA of Namibia.
In his keynote address at the event, Minister of Land Reform Utoni Nujoma, who is also one of the Swapo leaders assigned to Erongo, said members must mobilise themselves to make sure Katjiku and other candidates get overwhelming mandates.
He noted that there is a need to develop human capital through education and training in the country for maximum exploration of natural resources and value addition.
“We will make sure that poverty is eradicated and that free education from primary to tertiary will be realised,” he promised supporters, adding that housing and health are also priority areas for Swapo.
At the same event, the Swapo Party welcomed more than 20 new members from the UDF and DTA.
Last week, prominent UDF member, Edlegandt !Gaoses joined the ruling party during the launch of Swapo’s election campaign for the Daures Constituency.
!Gaoses, who joined the UDF in 1970, is a former member of the UDF's executive committee and is very influential in Okombahe.
Meanwhile, UDF president, Apius Auchab said the party has high hopes for winning the Daures, Karibib, Omaruru and Arandis Constituencies.
“We are busy campaigning, especially in Daures, and we are confident that our candidate will win,” said Auchab.
The UDF promises better housing and sanitation facilities.
DTA’s Ndjiharine said he does not want to make any promises about winning the election, but said he is busy campaigning door-to-door to make sure people know what his party will do for them.
“I will focus on improving communal farming in Daures, as well as the provision of clean drinking water and health and education facilities in the rural areas,” he said.
The acting Erongo Coordinator for Nudo, Uahimisa Kaapehi said his party is also conducting campaigns in Daures and Omaruru.
“I want to take over Daures! Right now, we have support in Omatjete. Next week, we will go to Okombahe. In Uis and Omaruru, the attendance was overwhelming so I am hopeful we will win,” said Kaapehi. As art of their campaigning, Nudo is holding consultative meetings with various communities.
He said he has campaigned at Spitzkoppe along with Rukoro, and they received good support.
“Most of the people in Spitzkoppe do not even know who Katjiku is, so those are ours,” he said.