Oshana registers 94 000 people in need of drought relief food

22 Aug 2013 07:40
OSHAKATI, 22 AUG (NAMPA) – Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku says 60 000 bags of maize meal have been earmarked for distribution to residents of the Oshana Region affected severely by the drought.
Hausiku said this whilst addressing stakeholders at a meeting held at the offices of the Oshana Regional Council here on Wednesday.
This follows the earlier supply of some 40 000 bags of maize meal by Government before the registration of the drought-affected inhabitants.
Hausiku said the drought relief food distribution programme commenced at the beginning of this month, following the countrywide registration of people facing starvation due to the drought.
Each affected individual is to receive a 12.5 kilogramme (kg) bag of maize meal per month. Omhalanga Mills owned by Vilho Hipondoka has been contracted to ensure the supply of the earmarked 60 000 bags of maize meal this time around.
Apart from the maize meal, Hausiku said, dried fish, tinned fish, tinned beef and tripe/offal (matangara) forms part of the drought relief food Government has started distributing amongst those affected by the drought.
Chairperson of the Oshana Regional Council and councillor of the Oshakati East Constituency, Lotto Kuushomwa told the same stakeholders’ meeting that a total of 94 000 people have thus far been registered as going hungry in the region.
This means 34 000 people in the Oshana Region will not be receiving maize meal.
Hausiku however indicated that the remaining 34 000 people will also be provided with food and the regional leadership is expected to re-submit their details to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) for consideration and for the supply of drought relief food.
The Deputy Prime Minister called on political, traditional, church and community leaders to work as a team so as to ensure that the drought relief food reaches those affected by the drought.
The meeting also heard that four earth dams which provide water for livestock were dug in the Oshana Region during the 2011/12 financial year.
These dams are in the constituencies of Uuvudhiya, Okaku, Okatyali and Ongwediva, while a fifth dam was excavated at Akwathamoongo, also in the Uuvudhiya Constituency, this year.