Gobabis prays for rain

10 Nov 2015 09:20am
GOBABIS, 10 NOV (NAMPA) - Residents of Gobabis in the Omaheke Region on Friday gathered at the town's Legare sports stadium to pray for rain, amid a dry spell that has resulted in extreme drought in the region.
The event, which was held for the second time, was organised by the Fill the Gap Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Gerson Katuuo.
The residents, although only a handful, were drawn from various churches and religious denominations at Gobabis.
Officiating at the event, Omaheke regional governor Festus Ueitele, himself a devout Christian, thanked those who had come out in support of the initiative, adding that rain is needed by all regardless of religious backgrounds.
Ueitele lauded the organisers of the event for demonstrating mature leadership by leading the prayer day.
“This is indeed a great occasion as it is often needed to bow down before our creator and seek favours from Him. The organisers did a great job and should not be discouraged by the low turn-out, as the Bible says 'wherever there are a few who gather in my name, I will be there among them'. As such, we know that the Lord is among us and he will hear our prayers,” he said.
Katuuo, who lead the prayer session on the day, told those in attendance that holding events of this nature was no new thing, as it is often vital to draw closer to the Lord in prayer.
“At times when situations force us to our knees, we need to realise that it is time to talk with our creator and plead for mercy. If we pray as one and believe in the magnitude of our prayers, we will indeed be granted our wishes and we will have rain,” he said.
The event was marked by a mass prayer session, followed by praise and worship songs led by the Fill the Gap Worship team.
The first prayer day for rain was held at the same venue in 2014 in the aftermath of the 2013 drought in the region.
Weather analysts had said that 2013 was the hottest year in over three decades.
Although Omaheke received normal showers during the last rainy season, the rain was often erratic, and provided limited grazing for the region's livestock.
Members of security forces, including the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) led by Deputy Commissioner Marcellus Maritshane; Correctional Services and the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) also attended the event.