No arrests yet in gunshop robbery: Police

08 Nov 2015 16:50pm
WINDHOEK, 08 NOV (NAMPA) - No suspects have as yet been arrested in connection with a robbery that took place at a gunshop in Windhoek’s Prosperita industrial area some two weeks ago.
Namibian Police Force (NamPol) spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi told a media briefing here on Sunday the police have not made any breakthrough in arresting the thieves involved in the case yet.
However, Kanguatjivi said members of the law enforcement units are hard at work in order to track down the culprits.
It is suspected that highly organised thieves were involved in the theft of thousands of dollars during the burglary at Ahrens Guns and Ammunition in Gold Street, Prosperita.
Earlier reports by the English daily 'Namibian Sun' newspaper had it that the group of thieves made off with N.dollars 800 000 in cash.
They stole a Sig Sauer SP22 pistol equipped with a silencer; another Sig Sauer pistol without a silencer; a specialised Glock 45ACP pistol, also fitted with a silencer; a .44 Magnum Ruger revolver fitted with a scope; an Astra .357 revolver; a Franchi 12-guage eight-shell shotgun and a Gamo tactical air pistol.
They also made off with a Roni conversion kit that can turn the Glock 45ACP into a semi-automatic assault rifle.
They further stole two knives, an Apple laptop and one Level 4A bulletproof vest, the highest standard of ballistic vests made.
The Namibian Sun article said of major concern was the fact that one of the three men who entered the shop was clearly the ringleader and knew exactly what he was looking for.
Gunshop owner Sven Ahrens was quoted as saying the larger of the men walked straight to the safe and started to break it open for the cash.
“In my office, they left a special edition 30-year-old Glock worth N.dollars 70 000 in the same drawer where they removed the Glock ACP,” Ahrens.
The thieves entered through the back fence of the property, which is adjacent to a bushy area.
They sprayed black spray paint over the beams to gain access.
The fence was then cut and a ladder along with other equipment was brought in.
It is suspected that while the three men were inside the shop, three others kept watch outside.
Ahrens said the thieves knew exactly where on the roof of the building to enter, first disabling the alarm’s battery back-up and then the alarm electrical signal.
After entering the building they went to the wireless box that sends a digital feed of the CCTV cameras to Ahrens’s cell phone and then disabled all other alarm systems.
The men wore balaclavas and gloves, and it took them around three-and-a-half hours to complete the robbery.