Swapo turnout at Berseba rally low

08 Nov 2015 16:50pm
BERSEBA, 08 NOV (NAMPA) - Only about 100 people came out to the Swapo Party rally at Berseba on Saturday addressed by party Secretary-General Nangolo Mbumba.
The troubled Berseba Village Council is managed by a majority DTA vote of three members. Swapo has two members on the council.
Berseba is bitterly divided among party, religious as well as tribal lines.
The chief, Johannes Isaack is a DTA of Namibia supporter and deputy chief Stephanus Goliath supports the Swapo Party. A splinter group, unhappy with the traditional authority, is also divided among party lines.
Mbumba, who said he was informed of the troubles at the village, advised the rally goers to resolve the prevailing conflicts.
“If you create your little stories, you are behind and will remain behind,” he said.
Mbumba said Swapo was a party for all, irrespective of race or religion. He said his party refuses to interfere in traditional authorities or in the private affairs of communities.
“It is for communities to decide for themselves, but if you are mixing traditional authorities with Swapo matters, you are making a mistake,” he said.
Mbumba hailed Swapo’s successes and congratulated the party on already winning 26 out of 121 constituencies unopposed before actual elections later this month.
Mbumba also warned the southern leadership to end internal conflicts.
“Everything depends on the leadership. Do not lead Namibians in wrong directions; stop your quarrels, whether it is in the name of religion or tribe, stop causing conflict among your people.”
He said the entire country belongs to all Namibians and that people are free to move and live wherever they choose.
“There are people who go to bed at night genuinely believing that this is ‘One Namibia, One Nation’, let us not disappoint them,” he said.
Mbumba further announced that the Swapo Party was busy converting to an electronic system to create a comprehensive database for all members.
“We will eliminate those who are Swapo in the day while attending other party meetings at night,” he said.
Also present at the rally were party representative responsible for //Karas, Hilma Nicanor and party regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala.
Current Berseba Constituency councillor and Swapo member David Boois is a contender for the position once more.
Standing for the party in the Berseba Local Authority Elections are current councillors Salmon Isaaks and Sabina Esterhuizen. They are joined by former village chief executive officer Thomas Dreyer, Katrina Haman and Maria Goliath.