Elderly Swapo members urged to vote for right candidates

08 Nov 2015 12:50pm
KATIMA MULILO, 08 NOV (NAMPA) – Swapo’s mobilisation and information officer for Zambezi has urged the party’s elderly members to memorise their candidates’ names in order to avoid voting for opposition parties.
Austin Samupwa also asked that elderly Swapo members memorise the symbol to be used on the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) for their party in the Regional Council and Local Authority Elections on 27 November.
He said this during a mini-rally at Cowboy informal settlement at Katima Mulilo on Saturday, where he said that during the 2014 presidential elections, many ‘illiterate’ members could have mistakenly cast their votes for opposition parties.
Samupwa urged party members to equip themselves with knowledge of how to use the EVMs during the elections.
“Other parties benefitted from the mistakes of some Swapo members who voted mistakenly as they did not know who to pick on the EVMs. Do not fear these EVMs. Take your time in the booth, so you vote right in favour of Swapo,” Samupwa said.
At the rally, Samupwa also introduced the party’s regional candidate for Katima Mulilo Urban constituency – Bernard Sibalatani, and the seven candidates vying for seats in the Katima Mulilo Town Council. Currently Swapo holds seven seats in the council.
Samupwa called on Swapo members to turn out in huge numbers so the party can take all council seats on the local authority, saying this will fully enable the elected leaders to roll out development plans.
“Swapo is aiming to take all council seats. We will continue doing tremendous work in availing economic and development services that are beneficial to all. When you go into the booth, vote for Swapo,” said Samupwa.
He also used the platform to highlight current council achievements such as the ongoing project to upgrade the main gravel roads at the settlement to bitumen standard, and the drilling of boreholes to minimise the high cost of water usage for household purposes.
According to Samupwa, council is also looking into putting up septic tanks at each household at the various settlements at Katima Mulilo, and said a new residential area opposite the clinic at the Cowboy informal settlement will be cleared and serviced for houses for low to middle income earners.
“All these are indicated and laid out in the party leadership’s five-year plan. Provisions are really being made to target the landless to get a roof over their heads. We are not making empty promises. We will deliver,” he stated.
For the upcoming elections, the Swapo nominated constituency leaders are Warden Simushi for Katima Rural; Ignatius Chunga for Sibbinda; Cletius Sipapela for Linyanti; Beaven Munali for Judea Lyabolloma; Peter Mwala for Kabbe North and David Muluti for Kongola.
Former Katima Mulilo mayor John Likando is nominated for Kabbe South.
For the local authority positions, Swapo nominated Lister Shamalaza, the current Chotto district coordinator, who replaced Micheal Mudabeti who fell out of the race during the primaries.
The other nominated candidates for council seats are Georgina Mwiya-Simataa, Charles Matengu and Esther Sankwasa, Nsala Muhongo-Mapenzi, Salubila Maswahu, who all retained their positions to vie for seats again.