Council launches Kavango regional development profile

06 Nov 2015 10:40am
RUNDU, 06 NOV (NAMPA) – The Kavango Regional Council on Thursday launched the Regional Development Profiles for both Kavango East and West aimed at describing the regions in terms of their strategic resources and development potential.
This was done to enable the Kavango Regional Council and anticipated councils for both regions to best implement and achieve their goals as defined by Vision 2030 and the National Development Plan 4 (NDP4).
The Kavango Regional Council controls both the Kavango East and West Regions until after elections when new councils will be sworn in.
The council thus planned to launch the two profiles at regional level, which is to be followed by a submission to the National Planning Commission (NPC) for further publication and dissemination at national level.
Speaking at the official launch here on Thursday, outgoing Chief Regional Officer of the Kavango Regional Council, Sebastian Kantema said that in order for the two Kavango regions to be developed there is a need to look into the profiles of the regions.
“The profile of the region is the mirror of the region. It is a mirror showing the challenges and also a mirror showing the opportunities.”
He explained that various ministries and agencies should do what is required of them and hence, that it is why regional coordinating development committees were established.
He pointed out that the development of a region starts with the development committee of each constituency, which is then followed up by the regional council to see to it that all inputs from the constituencies are coordinated and is facilitated by the council mandated to ensure that development is taking place in the region.
“Development is not solely the responsibility of the regional council only but there are coordination and facilitation functions, and this needs to be understood.”
Kantema, who has been at the helm of the Kavango Regional Council for 12 years, urged the incoming regional councillors and administrators to have a good working relationship.
During his tenure, he added, there were no unnecessary squabbles between administrative staff and political office bearers.
He advised incoming councillors to trust in what office bearers are doing.
On his part, the Governor of the Kavango East Region Dr Samuel Mbambo said the Namibian nation has a high expectation that the region must produce food for the nation and for export purposes.
“Hence, the completion and the launching of this regional development profile has come at the right time,” Mbambo said.
This regional development profile, he indicated, fully documents regional socio-economic development challenges that provide factual information to political and public office bearers to present their cases to central government for budget allocation.
The document also provides information to the private sector, non-governmental organisations, development partners and faith-based organisations to determine how they could best contribute to achieve a higher rate of economic growth.