Fishing companies donate 600 boxes of tinned fish to Kunene

21 Aug 2013 05:10
OPUWO, 21 AUG (NAMPA) – Three Namibian fishing companies donated 600 boxes of tinned fish to the Kunene Regional Council (KRC) as part of drought relief assistance here on Tuesday.
The three companies are ARK Fishing, Overberg Fishing and Cadilu Fishing, who donated tinned fish to the value of N.dollars 82 800.
Speaking at the handing-over ceremony, ARK Fishing’s Managing Director Matheus Joel Amadhila said on behalf of all three companies that other Namibian companies must also meet the government halfway in trying to ensure that no single Namibian starves during this drought period.
According to him, the pride of Namibian businessmen and women should be demonstrated through stepping in and helping fellow Namibians when they are in dire need.
Amadhila said the three companies reacted to the call from Government to assist in drought relief efforts for those who have been made vulnerable due to the situation at hand, and decided to donate the 7200 tinned fish to assist people of the Kunene Region and the Government at large.
The donation was received by Kunene Regional Governor Josua //Hoebeb and the chairperson of the Kunene Regional Council, Dudu Murorua as well as the Chief Regional Officer of the Kunene Regional Council, George Kamseb.
Speaking at the event, Murorua thanked the three companies on behalf of the KRC and the people of Kunene for the generous assistance.
He assured Amadhila that the fish will be distributed to the registered 69 000 vulnerable beneficiaries on the drought relief programme.
According to KRC Deputy Director of Rural Development, Jeremia Kavaa, the tinned fish will be distributed to the 12 800 households registered in the Kunene Region, where each household is expected to receive four tins of fish supplemented from the current supply that they also received from different sources.
“We are expecting 21 000 tinned fish from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) every month, and we are going to work out modalities on how to distribute these to the beneficiaries as they would not be enough for each month for all registered beneficiaries,” Kavaa explained.
Last month, the Kunene Region also received a supply of 279 boxes of tinned fish and 359 boxes of corned beef as part of the drought relief supplies for the region.
Kavaa said they would continue to appeal to both individuals and businesses for donations of fish or any other products to ensure that drought-stricken communities in Kunene are sustained throughout this period.