Nineteen heads of cattle suspected of CBPP in Kunene

21 Aug 2013 04:50
OPUWO, 21 AUG (NAMPA) – At least 19 heads of cattle which crossed into Namibia from Angola on 20 July this year are under quarantine while the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) awaits the test results for lung sickness.
According to Opuwo veterinary doctor Nehemia Hedimbi, the cattle were driven through the Ondozu border crossing point in the Epupa constituency from the Otjitazu village in Angola.
Hedimbi told Nampa on Wednesday that the 19 cattle were isolated, and samples of blood were taken from all of them last week Thursday to test for the Contagious Bovine Pleuro-Pneumonia (CBPP).
The sample for testing CBPP was collected at the Etoto village, about 115 kilometres from Opuwo.
The owner of the suspected livestock, Mbwale Mwadi, was instructed to keep the cattle at the Etoto village, and not to move them to another village until the result of the tests had been produced from the DVS laboratory in Windhoek.
The blood sample from the 19 cattle was forwarded to Windhoek on Monday, 19 August, and its results are expected by next week.
The last CBPP suspicion in cattle from the Epupa and Opuwo constituencies of the Kunene Region was reported in September last year when 44 cattle from the Okangwati and Otjindjerese villages were quarantined, and declared free from the disease after the tests returned CBPP-negative.
CBPP is a highly infectious disease which cannot be treated if an animal is infected.
The end-result is that livestock die from CBPP.
The DVS always advises that the carcasses of cattle which died from CBPP be burned to avoid the spreading of the disease.
Consuming meat from cattle which died or had been infected with CBPP is, however, not harmful to the health of people.