Three foreign salespersons break the law

05 Nov 2015 16:10pm
OPUWO, 05 NOV (NAMPA) – Three foreigners have been sentenced to 24 months in prison or a fine of N.dollars 4 000 each for contravening their visitor permits.
Richcome Dlamini, 45; Richard Ndlovu, 36; and Reason Mahebe, 37, were arrested for selling cookware at the parking lot of the OK shop in the capital of the Kunene Region, Opuwo.
Dlamini is a South-African citizen and Ndlovu and Mahebe are Zimbabweans living in South Africa.
They told the court they were sent here by Elegant Cookware, a Cape Town-based company, to come and see how the cookware will sell around Namibia.
In the end, the trio was found to have wrongfully and unlawfully conducted business in contravention of the permit issued to them or without a valid permit to conduct business in Namibia.