'Pull up socks' Nghimtina, slave-like conditions at sea, thieves hit gun shop, the drought

November 5, 2015, 9:14am


Nghimtina told to 'pull up socks'

By Theresia Tjihenuna, the Namibian. Photo: the Namibian

REGIONAL organiser of the Mining, Metal, Maritime and Construction Union Immanuel Petrus yesterday challenged minister of labour Erkki Nghimtina to pull up his socks and labelled his ministry incompetent in front of President Hage Geingob.

During a meeting with President Geingob and representatives of the labour ministry at State House yesterday, Petrus did not spare the minister as he told both Geingob and Nghimtina that fishermen were tired of being 'colonised in the fishing industry' while the labour ministry failed to take action against the responsible fishing companies.

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Geingob condemns slave-like conditions at sea

Article and photo by New Era

The leaders representing 4 000 fishermen who are striking over starvation wages and poor conditions of service yesterday had a candid discussion with President Hage Geingob, who listened attentively to their complaints. Among their protestations are harsh, slave-like working conditions at sea, not being paid overtime and not having medical personnel on the fishing vessels they operate.

The regional organizer of the Metal, Mining, Maritime and Construction Union (MMMC) Immanuel Petrus told the president at State House that the fishermen work long hours, without being paid salaries commensurate with their back-breaking labour.

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Professional hit at gun shop

Article and photo by the Namibian Sun 

A highly organised and focused group of thieves has been targeting businesses in the Northern, Southern and Prosperita industrial areas in Windhoek.

While most of the well-planned heists have involved cash booty of hundreds of thousands, the burglary at Ahrens Guns and Ammunition in Gold Street, Prosperita, does not bode well for the safety and security of law-abiding citizens.

The group of thieves, besides making off with N$800 000 in cash, also stole a Sig Sauer SP22 pistol equipped with a silencer, another Sig Sauer pistol without a silencer, a specialised Glock 45ACP pistol, also fitted with a silencer, a .44 Magnum Ruger revolver, fitted with a scope, an Astra .357 revolver, a Franchi 12-guage eight-shell shotgun and a Gamo tactical air pistol.

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Farmers losing their livelihoods in Kunene

By Yochanaan Coetzee, the Namibian. Photo: The Namibian

The sight and stench of rotting carcasses is almost ever-present as one travels through the communal areas around the Opuwo constituency.

Farmers in the Kunene region are facing a dire situation that seems to be getting even bleaker year after year. For the last five years the region has not received adequate rainfall and as a result, many farmers in the region have had their herds and livelihoods decimated by the drought.

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