No Doctors at Opuwo State Hospital on Tuesday

21 Aug 2013 02:20
OPUWO, 21 AUG (NAMPA) – Patients at the Opuwo State Hospital were left without the services of a medical doctor on Tuesday as the only two doctors employed here unfortunately had to simultaneously go on compassionate leave.
Doctor R Kooper lost his mother, who passed away last Sunday, while Dr O Angumbwike’s father passed away on Monday, officials at the Opuwo State Hospital told Nampa on condition of anonymity.
Dr Kooper went on leave on Sunday, and Dr Angumbwike had to go on leave on Monday. Their first names could not be obtained.
According to the officials, arrangements have been made with the Oshikoto Region to have one of their doctors sent from Tsumeb to assist at the Opuwo State Hospital, which even before this week’s drama had been struggling with long queues of patients who are in need of medical attention.
There are currently also around 80 patients in the male and female wards, plus over 20 children in the paediatric ward.
Even with the two doctors working non-stop, the number of people seeking medical attention was so high that some people faced waiting periods of up to a week before seeing a doctor.
It is expected that the line for patients who need medical attention would increase, and the waiting period would also increase as only that seconded one doctor would be at the Opuwo State Hospital for the few days while the two doctors are on leave.
The matron at this hospital, Lisias Ashivudhi, told Nampa earlier that a vehicle was sent to Tsumeb to collect the doctor early on Tuesday.
He could, however, not say who the doctor was.
This doctor was expected to start examining patients on Wednesday.
Some of the patients whom Nampa spoke to in the hospital wards on Tuesday described both doctors Kooper and Angumbwike as very committed doctors who, despite their workload, are very professional and have passion for their work.
Meanwhile, Kunene Regional Governor Josua Hoebeb sent condolences to both doctors when this news agency enquired about the situation.
He also indicated that he would try to ask the private doctor at Opuwo to see if he could help out at the State Hospital should something serious arise while the Tsumeb doctor is being awaited.
The relief doctor is expected to be here until both doctors return from their leave.