Six appear in Opuwo court on fraud and theft charges

03 Nov 2015 11:40am
OPUWO, 03 NOV (NAMPA) – Six men appeared in the Opuwo Magistrate’s Court on charges of theft and fraud on Monday in connection with the use of a government petrol card for private purposes.
Three of the suspects appeared on 22 October, while the other three made their first appearance after they were arrested over the weekend.
Haundonja Kasaona, 29; Joseph Tjarimba, 31; Pefuku Makina, 31; Hans Kanatjike, 22; Mwakamifange Gebhard, 29; and Kavaripo Tjirove, 29; appeared before Magistrate Becklina Lanter.
Kenatjike, Gebhard and Tjirove informed the court on Monday that they will conduct their own defence.
Their case was postponed to 15 December for further investigation and the suspects were remanded in custody.
Kasaona, an enrolled nurse at the Opuwo State Hospital, allegedly used the petrol card of a government vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Health and Social Services to purchase fuel and tyres for his private car.
According to information obtained by Nampa, the incidents occurred on 09 July and 29 September respectively.
Kasaona is said to have used card number 5892430194344056000120 assigned to a Toyota Hilux with registration number GRN 27586.
The pick-up was parked elsewhere while he pretended to be using the same vehicle at the Puma Service Station in Opuwo and at the Kunene Fitment Centre to buy fuel and tyres.
Prosecutor Aubrey Ndlovu told Nampa on Monday more arrests are anticipated in connection with the matter.
“The case is still premature and the only charges laid against the suspects at the moment are theft and fraud,” Ndlovu told this news agency.
The case number is OPU-CRM- 1126/2015.