Direction Of Trade Between Nam And Sa Skew: Steytler

23 May 2013 06:36

WINDHOEK, 15 MAR (NAMPA) - The direction of trade between Namibia and South Africa remained skewed, with Namibia importing N.dollars 41,6 billion worth of goods from South Africa, while only exporting N.dollars 7 billion worth of Namibian goods to that neighbouring country.
The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA)?s Statistician-General John Steytler announced this on Wednesday during a media briefing in Windhoek, saying South Africa remained Namibia's most important trade partner in 2012, with combined trade between the two countries amounting to N.dollars 48,6 billion in 2012.
But, he said, the direction of trade remains skewed.
Namibia imports food products, petroleum products and fuel, machinery and equipment, and chemicals from South Africa.
South Africa is Namibia?s major import partner, with about 66 per cent of total imports, followed by The Netherlands, United Kingdom and China.
Namibia exports mostly diamonds, uranium, lead, zinc, tin, silver, tungsten, food and live animals, and manufactured products to South Africa.
Apart from South Africa, Namibia also export to the United States of America, Angola, The Netherlands and Spain.