Four-year-old girl dies in overturned car

02 Nov 2015 18:40pm
B1 ROAD, 02 NOV (NAMPA) – A young and fragile mother wept cuttingly on the side of the B1 road 40 km north of Kalkrand near the lifeless body of her four-year-old daughter that was under a dark and chequered blanket.
As Namibia’s notorious roads claimed yet another life, family members who gathered from nearby farms and villages, held each other tight while being unable to make sense of the tragic incident.
Last year, Namibia was ranked first in the world in terms of the number of deaths on the road in a study commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
On Sunday at around 04h30, a small red pick-up - appearing to be an Opel Corsa - traveling to Rehoboth with six occupants left the road and overturned on the Kalkrand-Rehoboth road.
When the car came to a standstill, it was faced in the southern direction on the opposite side of the road. It is not clear why the vehicle overturned and police investigations are currently underway.
The car was driven by a 25-year old man from Rehoboth who had spent the weekend in Kalkrand.
Besides the deceased child, the 24-year-old mother had with her in the car her six-month-old baby boy who survived the accident.
The crying baby boy was held by a female relative who came from a nearby village when she heard of the accident.
The elder woman held the shaking hand of the young mother who repeatedly voiced the name of her deceased daughter.
The father of the two children, a 28-year-old, who was on the back of the pick-up at the time of the accident, was unconscious next to the road. His pulse was measured by people who seemed knowledgeable in first aid.
Sergeant Irma Keister of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in Rehoboth arrived an hour after the accident happened, followed by Kalkrand NamPol under whose jurisdiction the accident occurred.
A Kalkrand-based family member of the young woman, who arrived before the police, expressed his dismay and blasted the Kalkrand police in their absence for being “incompetent” and “unresponsive when the community needed them”.
An ambulance from Rehoboth, 60km away, arrived one hour and 45 minutes after being called the first time.
Another 24-year old man, who complained of pain in his neck, also survived the incident.
The driver appeared unharmed.
The accident’s survivors were taken to St Mary’s Hospital at Rehoboth and all five discharged on Monday, according to a relative, while attempts to obtain information from NamPol in Kalkrand proved futile.
A charge of culpable homicide was opened.