Nghimtina wants 100 per cent victory for Swapo in Ohangwena

02 Nov 2015 09:10am
EENHANA, 02 NOV (NAMPA) – The chairperson of Swapo national leaders assigned to the Ohangwena Region, Erkki Nghimtina has appealed to all Swapo members to remain united for the party’s progress and prosperity.
Nghimtina, who is also Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, issued the appeal whilst launching the Swapo-Party campaign for the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority Elections for the Ohangwena Region at Eenhana here on Saturday.
His appeal was directed at some Swapo members, who are reportedly complaining after being defeated during the recently-concluded inner-party elections of candidates for the national regional and local elections set for 27 November 2015.
Some members of the party claim they lost in the primaries because of manipulation and violation of the election procedures by senior leaders.
“Let us keep unity among ourselves and those who could not make it during the primaries - do not think you are not liked in the party,” said Nghimtina.
He then called on the party’s leadership in Ohangwena to work hard in its election campaigning to ensure that the party obtains 100 per cent victory.
Nghimtina wants all councillors of the Ohangwena Regional Council and those of the region’s three local authorities to come from the ruling party.
Oshikunde and Okongo are the region’s new constituency and village authority, respectively.
The other constituencies in the region - Omundaungilo, Eenhana, Epembe, Ondobe, Oshikango, Ohangwena, Ongenga, Engela, Omulonga and Endola – are also expected to take part in the upcoming elections.
Only Epembe Constituency residents will not vote because Swapo’s Phillip Shikongo was duly elected as no other political party nominated a candidate and no independent candidate decided to contest the constituency.
Shikongo, a principal at Ohakafiya Combined School, will replace John Nakwafila, who has decided to retire.
The official opposition, the DTA of Namibia, and the former official opposition, the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), are challenging Swapo in the 2015 Regional Council and Local Authority Elections in the region.
Eenhana and Helao Nafidi are the two local authorities in this region, in addition to the new Okongo village authority.
The DTA is contesting the Regional Council Election only in the region's two constituencies of Ohangwena and Oshikango, where Lukas Mbabi and Gabriel Shikudule are the party's candidates, respectively.
Coordinator of the DTA in Ohangwena Region, Hidipo Hamata told Nampa on Sunday that his party launched its election campaign for the whole country at Opuwo in the Kunene Region on Saturday.
The RDP is participating in 11 of the 12 region's constituencies, apart from the Epembe Constituency, where the party has not yet established structures.
This was confirmed by the RDP's Secretary for the region, Timo Shikongo, in an interview with this news agency a few weeks ago.
The RDP candidates are Valdheim Kanalelo (Okongo), Martin Hailonga (Oshikunde), Jason Haufiku (Omundaungilo), Johannes David (Eenhana), Leevi Shifoleni (Ondobe), Jona Tomas (Omulonga), Shikongo (Oshikango), Jeremia Haufiku (Ohangwena), Laban Kanyiki (Engela), Pohamba Nghiitete (Ongenga) and Pius Hafeni (Endola).