MAP: Extreme SA weather as snow and heatwave forecast

November 2, 2015, 5:00am

By Traveller24, photo by Traveller24

Cape Town - South Africa's weather has been swaying between the extremes as the SA weather service warns of snowfall and heat waves in certain parts of the country.

Heavy rain is expected along the South Coast and adjacent interior of the Western and Eastern Cape on Sunday evening.

Heavy rainfall, gale-force winds and snow

"Localised urban flooding could be expected along the South Coast and the adjacent interior of the Western Cape," SA Weather service spokesperson Bubele Bulo said.

News24 reports two people have died in road accidents and an Eskom pylon has collapsed on a house roof, as stormy weather continues to wreak havoc in Cape Town.

Heavy rain and gale-force wind warnings have also been issued for the Garden Route, between Plettenberg Bay and Port St Johns, as well as Coffee Bay in the Eastern Cape.

The SA Weather service also said gale-force winds and rainy conditions along the coast, between East London and Kosi Bay could be expected.

"Isolated and scattered thundershowers could be expected over the southern parts of the country on Sunday evening and Monday morning, with widespread showers along the southeast coast and adjacent interior."

"Snowfall is also expected on the northern high ground, with isolated showers and thundershowers expected in the northeast of the country," the SA Weather service said.

"Morning fog patches could be expected along the Namibian North Coast, as well as the northern interior of KZN."

Heat-wave advisory

Extremely hot conditions are expected in the northern parts of Limpopo. The SA Weather service said "hot and humid conditions will result in extremely uncomfortable conditions" over the Lowveld of Limpopo and Mpumalanga as well as the western bushveld of Limpopo.

A heat wave with persistently high temperatures is expected over the northern and northwestern parts of Limpopo and would continue into Monday, the weather service said.

2015 is expected to be the warmest year measured by humans on the planet, according to Francois Engelbrecht from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni are already under water restriction from water supplier, Rand Water - with the drought said to be the worst in the past 23 years.