Queen of Oukwanyama appoints new senior headmen

20 Aug 2013 13:20
OMHEDI, 20 AUG (NAMPA) - Queen Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu of Oukwanyama has divided the Ohakafiya traditional district of Oukwanyama into two districts - Ohakafiya East and Ohakafiya West.
The queen at the same time appointed two new senior headmen for the districts.
The two newly-appointed senior headmen are Toivo Shiweda (Ohakafiya East) and Efraim Manasse Ueyulu (Ohakafiya West).
Shiweda and Ueyulu’s official appointment and the announcement of the new districts took place at the Oukwanyama palace at Omhedi village on Tuesday.
In her appointment letter, yaNelumbu stated that Ohakafiya was divided into two districts on the grounds that it is a vast district consisting of more than 70 bush villages.
According to the queen, the new administrative arrangement of the Ohakafiya district aims to bring traditional leadership and services closer to community members.
The arrangement is also aimed at providing traditional leaders for the Ohakafiya district, which has been without a senior headman since 2010. The former senior headman of that district, Job Haihambo, died on 03 March 2010.
The district’s village headmen who were present during yaNelumbu’s announcement on Tuesday commended the queen for ending the era during which they had to go without a senior headman in their district.
Ohakafiya East consists of 35 villages, while Ohakafiya West consists of 36 villages. The demarcation line of Ohakafiya starts from its northern parts to the south, with the Elundu-Epembe gravel district road as the border line between the two new Ohakafiya districts.
The communities of Ohakafiya now have to decide whether they to keep the current names (Ohakafiya East and Ohakafiya West), or whether they want to give their districts new names of their choice.
Ohakafiya is the second Oukwanyama traditional district to be divided into new districts in recent years. The Ohaingu district was divided into three districts, with three new senior leaders appointed for those districts in December 2010. The three districts are Ohaingu, Omungwelume and Weyulu laHedimbi.
Nghidinihamba Ndilula (Ohaingu district), Linda Mwaetako (Omungwelume district) and Samuel Matheus (Weyulu laHedimbi district) are the senior leaders of the three districts.
Before the division, Ohaingu as one district consisted of 167 villages.