Jarman defends national boxing belt

31 Oct 2015 17:50pm
WINDHOEK, 31 OCT (NAMPA) – National welterweight champion, Anthony Jarman retained his boxing belt against challenger, Christian Ukelo here Friday evening.
The fight gained momentum in the second round with Jarman dropping hard body punches on his opponent. Ukelo did little to qualify as the challenger, as Jarman continued to dominate the third and fourth rounds before ending the bout in the fifth round with a powerful right uppercut.
The lanky Jarman from the Kinda Promotions stable did the most damage on Ukelo in the fifth round with combination of body punches and the deciding uppercut, which lead to referee Timo Haikonda stopping the fight on a technical knock-out (TKO).
Speaking to Nampa after the fight, Jarman said: “I underestimated him a lot and could not finish him earlier but caught him at last with the right uppercut. I learned a lesson not to underestimate any opponent.”
Ukelo from Gateway Boxing Club stepped in as Jarman’s challenger at the last hour after Jeff Ontembio of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) failed to get his paperwork in order.
Jarman's record now stands at 11 wins, one draw and one loss, while Ukelo's record is seven wins and four defeats.
Most of the undercard fights ended in knock-outs and TKOs.
Sacky Amutjaa defeated Lukas Mukete with a TKO in the second round of their six-round light welterweight fight.
Kapena Naindjala also won with a TKO against Simon Kalola, also in the second round of their welterweight fight, while John Shitilifa knocked out Johannes Kutumba in the first round of their four-round featherweight fight.
In another flyweight fight, Majestic Alweendo won against Erika Ninja Mpadhi on a unanimous decision, while Nikoti Johannes also defeated Johannes Gabriel on unanimous decision of their four-round featherweight fight.