Windhoek councillors' term ends in December

31 Oct 2015 11:40am
WINDHOEK, 31 OCT (NAMPA) – New Windhoek Municipality councillors are expected to convene an induction workshop in the first week of December.
The workshop is to familiarise the elected officials with council affairs and other council activities during their term of office for the next five years.
The current councillors’ term will end on 02 December 2015 after serving the City Council since December 2010.
The inauguration of the new office bearers will be done immediately after the Regional Council and Local Authority Elections scheduled to take place on 27 November this year.
Windhoek Mayor, Muesee Kazapua, during the monthly council meeting here on Thursday, called on the current councillors to work hard and finish all their outstanding issues so they are not carried over to the new office bearers.
“We need to finish all our outstanding issues before the end of our term of office,” he stressed.
The current councillors are Kazapua (mayor), Hangapo Veico (deputy mayor), Moses Shiikwa (chairperson of the management committee), Fransina Kahungu, Shaalukeni John Moonde, Matrid Ukeva, Hileni Ulumbu, Tartasius Gaeseb, Brunhilde Cornelius, Ellen Musialela and Prieska Kahuure.
The same meeting discussed Council’s recess for 2015/16 and schedule of meetings for 2016.
The recommendations are that Council goes into recess from 01 December 2015 until 17 January 2016, while the first management meeting is scheduled for 19 January 2016 and first Council meeting for the new office bearers is scheduled for 28 January 2016.