Land allocated to foreigners in Opuwo: DTA

30 Oct 2015 17:30pm
OPUWO, 30 OCT (NAMPA) – The issue of land is one of the deliberated topics of Namibia’s current affairs, so it is probable that political parties’ campaigns are to focus on the matter in view of the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority Elections set for 27 November 2015.
Just recently, the DTA of Namibia accused the Opuwo Town Council of moving residents to unserviced parts of town and selling land to Chinese nationals at the expense of residents.
Addressing a meeting with Opuwo community members as part his campaign for the upcoming elections, DTA candidate for the Opuwo Urban Constituency, Ueitjerevi Ngunaihe said the lack of water, sanitation and streetlights in this unserviced area is a health risk and puts the safety of residents at stake.
He was referring to Ouranda, an informal settlement not far from the central business district of the capital of the Kunene Region. Ouranda was established in the early 80s and carries a volume of close to 2 000 residents.
“What do we expect from people who are using the same stone as toilet paper, because they have to use the bush as toilets whenever nature calls?” Ngunaihe asked.
According to residents, the absence of streetlights makes their settlement very unsafe at night and makes crimes likes rape more possible.
However, the regional crime investigation coordinator of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in that region, deputy commissioner Rudolf Kanyetu told Nampa that rape in Opuwo is not a common crime.
“It happens once in a while in this town and Ouranda is no exception in this regard,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of the Opuwo Town Council, Alfons Tjitombo dismissed allegations by the DTA and some members of the public that land in Opuwo was sold to Chinese nationals.
“I don’t know of any land sold to any foreigner by the council,” he told Nampa on Tuesday.
All the land in town where Chinese nationals are doing business was not given to them through the council, but is agreements between the owners of the land in question and the foreign nationals.
Tjitombo said the town council has everything under control and according to the town plan, the Ouranda area will receive streetlights no later than 10 December 2015.
Tjitombo also informed this agency that a submission has been made to central government to supply the town council with N.dollars 15 million for the improvement of road infrastructure in Opuwo.
Concerning water and sanitation, Tjitombo said such development is in the pipeline under foreign funding that is targeted at areas in three Namibian towns: Walvis Bay, Aroab and Opuwo.
Tjitombo did not disclose more information on the matter at the time of writing this article.