WB Mayor's concerns with cyberbullying, youth alcohol consumption

October 30, 2015, 6:47am

Cllr Immanuel Wilfred (Chairperson of Management Committee), Your worship Uilika Nambahu (Mayor of Walvis Bay) and Mr Muronga Haingura (CEO of Walvis Bay).

By The Villager Newspaper

Mayor H.W. CLLR Uillika Nambahu brought up issues of cyber bullying, youth alcohol consumption and the importance of attending the Namport Erongo Business and Tourism Expo 2015 at the October 2015 Walvis Bay Council Meeting.

The Mayor of Walvis Bay stressed her dissatisfaction with how people have used social media and other forms of communication for brutality and acts of bullying.

“It is odd that the technology we have at our disposal, is not being used to advance our skill-sets but the smartphones, tablets and other devices are becoming weapons of mass destruction,” she said.

Noting the fast nature that news, images and videos are spread, she cited her concern with the, “[…]decay in our morals and ethics within the Port City of Walvis Bay.”

Because the Internet is 24-7, she says that cyber bully and shaming of persons on the internet is constant and in some ways is more incessant than traditional bullying. For this reason, she calls on parents to speak to their children who are bullies or being bullied to seek professional help.

She also called on the Namibian Police and other authorities to be aware of this situation of technology abuse and to focus on providing relief to those hurt by it.

Mayor Nambahu then brought up her concern with the excessive use of alcohol among the youth. Along with this she cited her worry with the accessibility of alcohol to school age children and the poor example some adults set for their children.

“The inappropriate use of alcohol is the primary factor of social and financial dysfunction and compounds and complicates interventions aimed at reducing the spread of HIV and other health related challenges,” she said.

For this reason, Nambahu called for parents to rethink their lifestyle choices and to play their respective roles in solving this issue.

Finally, she stressed the importance of people supporting the Namport Erongo Business and Tourism Expo 2015 which has a variety of goods and services. She was particularly interested in the stall of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) and how it can help the youth become voting citizens.

“I want to therefore encourage and call on all the 18 year olds to visit the ECN stall in order to familiarize themselves with the information and what is required of them as voters,” she said.