Okatyali councillor says community trust him

28 Oct 2015 17:00pm


Oshana regional councillor for the Okatyali Constituency, Joseph Mupetami says he is a tried and tested councillor whom the community of his constituency has made 'untouchable'.

The Okatyali Constituency is one of 26 constituencies that will not be contested in the Regional Council Election set for 27 November 2015. Swapo will go uncontested in the 26 constituencies.

The remaining 95 constituencies will be contested by nine parties, including the Swapo Party, and a number of independent candidates. Mupetami has been a councillor of the Okatyali Constituency since 1999. He replaced the first councillor Paulus Kapia, who was appointed as the secretary of the Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL) that year.

Mupetami was the Swapo-Party district coordinator when he took over from Kapia. He told Nampa on Monday that he has served the community of Okatyali with dedication for the past 16 years, and would be the leader of that constituency on the Swapo-Party ticket for 21 years when his next five-year term comes to an end in 2020.

"There is no way I will be defeated through a ballot, inter-party (Swapo) elections or by a candidate from a different political party," Mupetami said confidently. The councillor believes his term of office will only end once he retires or is promoted. He says the fact that he won the primaries with a big margin is an indication of his popularity in the constituency.

Mupetami believes his popularity is a result of tangible infrastructure development projects he has initiated since he took over the constituency's administration. He was challenged in the Swapo-Party primaries by Sakeus Kasita, who was disqualified for not meeting the requirements, and Hileni Kakolo.

The coordinator of the party, Erastus Kapolo, confirmed that Mupetami won the Okatyali District primaries with 36 votes compared to the five votes Kakolo received. The leader of the Okasheshete Swapo Branch in the Okatyali Constituency, Frieda Nambala said Mupetami is a born leader.

"He is always positive in responding to our plights and has never disappointed us when we call for help since he was elected as the political head of this constituency," she told this agency when approached for comment on Wednesday. Nambala has been the leader of Okasheshete centre since 2003. Okatyali is one of 11 constituencies in the Oshana Region.