UDF announces candidates for Erongo

28 Oct 2015 16:50pm


The United Democratic Front (UDF) party on Wednesday announced its candidates for the Regional Council and Local Authority Elections in the Erongo Region.

For the Local Authority Election, the list includes 15 candidates for Swakopmund; 10 for Karibib; 12 for Arandis; 12 for Usakos; 12 for Walvis Bay; 11 for Henties Bay and 12 for Omaruru.

For the regional election, the party opted to not participate in the Walvis Bay and Swakopmund constituencies, but chose Christiaan Nanuseb for Omaruru and Elijah Hage /Gawaseb for Arandis.

In Karibib, the party chose Zedekias Tsamaseb, while Joram Kennedy !Haoseb is contesting the Daures Constituency.

Announcing the names to the media at Swakopmund on Wednesday, UDF Secretary-General Elijah Hage /Gawaseb said the list contains mostly young people, because the party believes in transformation and giving everyone a chance.

"We have chosen young blood because they can draw other young people to the polls,? said /Gawaseb. Also speaking at the media briefing was Ernestine 'Tina' Harases, a candidate for the Swakopmund Town Council, who urged people to vote for her party as it will fight for better housing.

"You will never know what we are capable of if you do not give us a chance, so come out and vote like never before," she said. Harases further said her party will advocate for proper sanitation facilities.

"We will make sure that there is an end to the current evictions by the municipalities. Those who are not able to pay for water will not have their water cut," she stated.