Welfare organisations receive funding from Bank Windhoek

October 28, 2015, 9:52am

CCR Handover Final: Back f.l.t.r. Helie Joseph (Child Development Foundation), Sanet de Waal (Bank Windhoek), Hildegard Waresk and Regina Kneale (School of the Hearing Impaired), Brano Gamxamub and Sylvia Goses from Hui-Ao Day-Care and Community Centre and Haindongo Mathews and Moses Nghipandulwa (Namibia Federation of the Visually Impaired.) Front: Shola Smit (left) and Venita Nolte (Knit-a-bit).  

Seven welfare organisations that applied for funding from Bank Windhoek to benefit from the proceeds raised during the Bank Windhoek Corporate Challenge Relay in Aid of Welfare, received their funds earlier this month. The Corporate Challenge Relay raised N$65 000 for welfare.

The organisations, from across the country, will share this amount as per their requests, which were based on their needs. A number of other organisations are still considered and will receive funding at a later stage.

Riaan van Rooyen, Head: Corporate Communication and Social Investment at Bank Windhoek, said: “The Bank Windhoek Corporate Challenge Relay in Aid of Welfare gives organisations, who would otherwise not qualify for sponsorship through the Bank Windhoek Social Investment Fund, the opportunity to receive funding to support their specific causes. Bank Windhoek also supports such organisations through its Empathy Project in which each department and branch is required to identify an organisation in their respective communities and assists them according to their needs. Our support to the seven organisations is an indication of our commitment to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, especially orphans, vulnerable children and the elderly, who are unable to care for themselves. Two organisations looking after the needs of people living with disabilities were also supported as Bank Windhoek understands that they find it harder to live normal lives due to their conditions.”

Below are the seven organisations that benefited from the Bank Windhoek Corporate Challenge

Relay in Aid of Welfare:

- Namibian Federation of the Visually Impaired (N$10 000) The Namibian Federation of the Visually Impaired represents the interest of visually impaired people in Namibia and advocate for their human rights. They recently held a White Cane Day Celebration in Katima Mulilo that was attended by more than 1 000 people. Through events like these they educate the public on the aspirations, hopes and abilities of people who are blind or visually impaired.

- Knit-a-bit (N$5 000)

This group of people knit, crochets, sew and collect food and other donations to support the elderly and vulnerable children from around the country. They recently embarked on a project to send food, clothing and hand-made blankets to 77 elderly, four orphans and 260 vulnerable children living in Aus. The group sends the wool they purchase to old age homes around the country where they knit and crotchet blocks of 20 cm x 20 cm that is then used to make blankets.

- Hui-Ao Day-care and Community Centre (N$3 000)

The Hui-Ao Day-care and Community Centre is based in Okahandja Park and consists of a registered kindergarten, orphanage and soup kitchen for the vulnerable children in this area. The money donated by Bank Windhoek will be used in the soup kitchen and to host a Christmas party for the children at the centre.

This organisation supports the Pappa Centre in Otjomuise and plans on building a play park for the children of the centre. The Pappa Centre looks after orphans and children of unemployed people from Otjomuise and already has four classrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and an office block.

- School of the Hearing Impaired (N$10 000)

The School for the Hearing Impaired is situated in Khomasdal in Windhoek and is attended by children between the ages of five and 16 years old. The school opened in June 1995 with only 29 children and today accommodates 155 children living with hearing impairments. The school aims to assist children to overcome communication difficulties and to empower them through education and training to optimise their participation on national development

- Team Austin from the Unam Legal Aid Clinic (N$5 000)

The University of Namibia through its faculty of Law – Legal Aid Clinic requires fifth year students to identify projects which impact the lives of people in their communities. Team Austin built a playground in the Goreangab Dam Area. The playground was built on the premises of the Christian Faith Church that also runs a soup kitchen in addition to a pre- school on their premises.

- The Elizabeth Kids Care Kindergarten (N$10 000)

The Elizabeth Kids Care Kindergarten is situated six kilometres outside of Rundu in the Kapako Constituency. It was established four years ago and accommodates 50 children. The founder of the kindergarten indicated that they will use the money sponsored by Bank Windhoek to buy much needed teaching aids to improve the quality of education they offer at the centre.

The Bank Windhoek Corporate Challenge Relay was this year for the first time held as an event to raise money for welfare.