N.dollars 50 million available for Food Bank: Geingob

26 Oct 2015 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 26 OCT (NAMPA) - President Hage Geingob says about N.dollars 50 million will be made available this year for the envisaged food bank.
He was speaking at the opening of a two-day National Conference on Wealth Distribution and Poverty Eradication in the capital on Monday.
Geingob said the food bank will neither substitute efforts by people to work nor create a culture of dependency, as some people may think, but it is aimed at assisting the highly-vulnerable members of society whose food security is in imminent threat.
“The government will implement measures to ensure that within the communities only the most vulnerable are assisted. This assistance will be accompanied with initiatives to make such vulnerable members more independent and able to provide for themselves,” he said.
The president further said he believes that the food bank is a project that can get off the ground with the assistance of Cuba and the contributions of all Namibians, adding that the bank can start quickly and stamp out one element of poverty which is hunger.
In addition, he said, unemployed youth will be deployed at the food bank.
The main purpose of the food bank is to alleviate hunger and provide for the basic needs of vulnerable people in Namibia by soliciting, collecting and packaging food, clothes, educational materials and other basic necessities.
A piece of land between the Swapo head office and Red Cross Shopping Centre in Windhoek has been allocated to erect the food bank.
The Namibian leader noted that he had requested that between 30 000 and 50 000 hectares of land be made available in the Mangetti area in the Kavango West Region for agricultural activities.
“We have up to 230 000 hectares of land lying idle there, so I am saying from that we take up to 50 000 hectares in Mangetti area and therefore have agricultural-related activities, whereby the youth, who are unemployed and who are crying daily, will be taken in so that we can see they mean business,” he said.
The National Conference on Wealth Distribution and Poverty Eradication is attended by Government officials, non-government organisations and United Nations representatives.