Govt should reintroduce Bible studies: Mensah-Williams

26 Oct 2015 15:40pm
WINDHOEK, 26 OCT (NAMPA) – Government should reintroduce Bible studies in schools, the Vice-Chairperson of the National Council (NC), Margaret Mensah-Williams says.
She made the call in Khomasdal on Sunday, when several churches held a prayer session behind Elim Primary School close to the riverbed where two sisters were brutally murdered almost three weeks ago.
The bodies of Cecilia Kuaseua, 30, and Jacqueline Kuaseua, 18, were found in the bushes behind that primary school on 09 October 2015.
An Augustineum Secondary School teacher was arrested in connection with the murders. The 32-year-old suspect died last Wednesday in the Katutura State Hospital, where he was receiving treatment after drinking battery acid in an apparent attempt to commit suicide.
Mensah-Williams called on all churches in Namibia and all Namibians to pray against such acts of violence in the country.
“Our children don’t even know the Ten Commandments but when you ask them about movies and social networks like Facebook they know everything.
“We are one body but different churches. We are all Namibians but different tribes. The time has come for us to turn away from our wicked ways,” she said.
Speaking at the same occasion, Reverend Andre September of the Jubilee Ministries said Khomasdal ministers and the Churches in Khomasdal Fellowship still mourn the murder of the two sisters.
“We grieve deeply for the loss of life, waste of opportunities and the accompanied trauma brought on family, friends and the community,” he said.
September then called upon all men and women - young and old - to stop the abuse, violation, harming and killing of other human beings.
Before the church service, about 100 people walked from the Magdalena Stoffels Bridge situated near the Dawid Bezuidenhout High School to the riverbed behind Elim Primary School.
On their way there they crossed the Arebbusch riverbed where the body of the late Stoffels was found over five years ago.
The 17-year-old Stoffels was raped and murdered on 27 July 2010. The bridge was named after her in 2013.