BA landing-gear emergency shuts OR Tambo runway

October 26, 2015, 12:49pm

The impacted wing of the plane- photo by Warren Mann

By Selene Brophy forTraveller24, News24

Cape Town - Acsa has confirmed a crash landing incident involving a BA plane operating on a kulula flight code, with expected knock-on delays at Joburg's OR Tambo International.

According to passenger Warren Mann’s eye-witness accounts on board BA Flight 6234, the incident happened unexpectedly.

The pilot made an announcement, informing passengers that the "left landing gear had broken off" after the emergency landing took place.

"This caused the plane to hit the runway at an angle. We could see sparks as the left wing and the engines were scraped across the runway," Mann told Traveller24.

"The wing seemed completely broken off."

"We were met by fire and rescue operation who continued to spray the plane and we then disembarked via an emergency staircase,"Mann said.

The incident has since reduced capacity to a single runway operation at the airport. Acsa spokesperson Colin Naidoo said he was still awaiting full details on the incident and that at the moment it was causing knock-on delays of about 30 min.