European Union (EU) funds 13 projects in Kunene

26 Oct 2015 12:30pm


he European Union (EU) through the Civil Society Fund Namibia (CSFN) has availed nearly N.dollars 400 000 to 13 projects in the Kunene Region. The funding was announced at Opuwo last Monday.

Of the 248 applications submitted for funding, 13 beneficiaries were selected. The local representative of the CSFN in the Kunene Region, Alexia Naris told Nampa most applications were from the area of Opuwo, and eight of the 13 beneficiaries are from this area.

Among the assisted organisations are the Women Support Women Group from Outjo, Anos Catering, the Kevako Voluntary Organisation from Opuwo, and Sore-sore Craft Market in Khorixas.

"Through the garden I run, I want to tell every resident in the four corners of the Kunene Region that we can make our lives better by making use of the natural resources at our disposal," Rosa Mbinge of Kevako Voluntary Garden said during the event.

The garden is located more than 60 kilometres east of Opuwo. Mbinge said they grow vegetables that they sell to the surrounding communities. "Our contribution to the community is through the provision of vegetables, which helps them to have a healthy diet," she said.

Brigitte Harases of the Women Support Women Group said they will use the money to expand their offices and ensure they have access to a good communication system that will help the organisation to collect and disseminate information on gender-based violence (GBV).

The Governor of the Kunene Region, Angelika Muharukua told the beneficiaries to consider themselves lucky to have qualified for the assistance. "This is a move in the right direction in the war against poverty," Muharukua said.

The executive director of CSFN, Andrew Harris, who highlighted the important role of civil society organisations in changing the lives of citizens, cautioned the beneficiaries to use the money for the benefit of the communities they live in.

"You are the agents of change in your respective communities. I urge you to bring change to Namibia through your projects and assist others to succeed as you have succeeded," Harris said.

The Head of the European Union (EU) delegation to Namibia, Jana Hybaskova told the beneficiaries she will be back in the area in six months' time to see whether the money has been used as intended.