DTA forms coalition in Okakarara constituency

25 Oct 2015 16:10pm
OKAKARARA, 25 OCT (NAMPA) – DTA President McHenry Venaani on Saturday announced that his party will form a coalition to contest the Okakarara regional council elections on 27 November 2015.
Venaani said his party agreed to form a coalition with an independent registered candidate, Ramana Mutjavikua to contest the upcoming regional council elections in the Otjozondjupa Region’s Okakarara Regional Constituency.
He made the remarks during a DTA rally here.
“I am very proud to announce to the nation that we (DTA) are in a coalition with Ramana Mutjavikua to contest the Okakarara regional constituency election,” Venaani said.
Venaani described Mutjavikua as an educated man and agriculturalist who was head-hunted by the community members of Okakarara Constituency to be their regional councillor for the next five years.
He said that about 1 500 members of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) have so far already pledged their votes for Mutjavikua due to his good ideas aimed at developing the farming community in the entire constituency.
Venaani said upon hearing this from the community members, the DTA leadership related its agricultural development ambitions for the constituency to those of Mutjavikua, and noted the similarities between the two.
“That is how we got into an agreement with him and formed a coalition with Mutjavikua. He is a real political game changer in Okakarara, a tested candidate and able to develop the constituency,” Venaani explained.
He then urged his party members in the constituency to rally behind Mutjavikua as DTA coalition candidate.
Mutjavikua, on his part, said the Nudo leadership had in the past 10 years failed the residents of Okakarara.
He said Nudo failed to bring the most needed development in the form of an abattoir to the constituency, which is a livestock farming area.
“The residents of Okakarara submitted a proposal for the establishment of meat and charcoal processing plants to the Okakarara Regional Constituency leadership under Nudo, but nothing has been done,” he said.
Mutjavikua then urged residents of Okakarara to go to the polls on 27 November 2015 and cast their votes for him as a DTA coalition candidate so that he can bring development to their constituency.
Mutjavikua from the DTA coalition, Vetaruhe Kandorozu from Nudo and Jonathan Tjakuva from the Swapo Party are the three candidates contesting the Regional Council elections in the Okakarara Constituency.
Kandorozu is the incumbent councillor for the Okakarara Constituency.