Quotas should come with serious responsibilities: Mutjavikua

25 Oct 2015 11:20am
ARANDIS, 25 OCT (NAMPA) – The Erongo Regional Governor has urged fishing rights holders to seriously take on the fight against poverty as part of their corporate social responsibility.
Cleophas Mutjavikua said the culture of fishing rights holders giving simple donations to communities should be stopped, and that they should instead be given serious responsibilities towards poverty eradication.
Mutjavikua said this at the inauguration of a N.dollars 2.9 million school hall sponsored by the Arechanab Community Trust at Arandis on Thursday.
Arechanab is a horse mackerel fishing rights holder under Erongo Marine Enterprises.
“We must move away from donations. Quota allocation should come with a duty; the right holder should be strictly obliged to give even 50 per cent of their profit towards poverty eradication in Namibia,” said the governor.
He indicated that even though all fishing rights holders are required to pledge to poor communities or support education, some do not really do it to a desired standard.
The governor suggested that such rights holders must be given specific projects to complete; for instance building a computer laboratory for a certain school or constructing a number of classrooms.
Mutjavikua however commended rights holders such as Arechanab and Namsov Fishing Enterprises for using the resources given to them to help communities, especially in supporting education.
“These are our natural resources, you should have a duty to share it. People should not beg for that money,” he said.
In a speech delivered at the inauguration ceremony, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernard Esau said the ministry has commenced with the process of tracking social economic contributions to various rights holders through the Fishing Industry Performance System.
Esau said the ministry has a very important role to play in poverty eradication, but that can only be achieved with the contribution of partners in the fishing industry.
The minister said Government and the ministry are working hard to ensure the sustainable management of fishing resources to ensure that it can continue contributing towards feeding and uplifting people.
“I would like to highlight the fact that our government has laid down certain strategic goals and governing rules by which the industry should abide in conducting its business,” he said.
On Thursday, the Arechanab Community Trust also donated more than N.dollars 700 000 to five schools from Arandis, Usakos, Henties Bay and Arandis.