Hoffman- Thoughts on increase in Fees in SA and protests

October 22, 2015, 3:21pm

Students protesting against the increase in fees- Photo by BBC News

Facebook post by Andre Hoffmann in light of recent protests by students to stop the increase in fees in South Africa.

If I come into your homestead while you are sleeping, kill or enslave your parents and grandparents, take all your possessions (read mineral wealth), livestock, food, and the home (read land) itself. When you wake up I say OMG, what happened? 

Offer to leas eyou a shack in the back of my property and offer you an opportunity to work as my servant and 'generously' loan youmoney (from my bank) to learn some skills (from my University) so you can work for my children for generations to come and build my family wealth. Then we wonder why the new generation of emancipated slaves are just a little pissed...?

The playing field was never level to start with and the more patronizing and condescneding the next generation of colonial descendants are, the longer this country will take to heal.

'The sins of the father are to be laid on the children' (William Shakespeare- The Merchant of Venice), and surely we will pay the price for the rape and plunder of Africa by the likes of Rhodes and his bigoted ilk who think that dispensing the crumbs from their table will absolve them of the murder, theft and rape of the land.

The legcay they have left us is very painful. #feesMUSTfall