NUSAA inspire Gobabis learners to become leaders

22 Oct 2015 12:50pm
GOBABIS, 22 OCT (NAMPA) - The Namibia United States Alumni Association (NUSAA) on Saturday held a workshop here to educate, inspire and motivate high school learners to become leaders.
The one-day leadership workshop was held in the Omaheke Regional Library.
NUSAA’s Steering Committee Member, Ngamane Karuaihe-Upi told Nampa after the workshop that they spent the day talking about the three ‘No’s’ which are “No one should fail, No one should drop out of school and No one should get pregnant or get anyone pregnant”.
“Because they are leaders they should go back into the school environment and preach the three No’s such that at the end of this year, next year and in the coming years no one gets pregnant, fall behind because they became a drop-out and no one fails, because we all have the brains to make it happen.”
Karuaihe-Upi said learners were taught how to be emotionally intelligent because there are a lot of temptations that distract them such as peer pressure, going to bars or getting involved in relationships.
He said being equipped with the necessary knowledge would help them make the right decisions.
“If they love themselves they would not go look for love in ‘sugar daddies’ and in ‘sugar mommies’. They will not sell their bodies or sell their souls because they have self-love,” Karuaihe-Upi said.
Julia Nekwaya, a learner who attended the workshop, said she learned that “being a leader is being a stepping stone to others for success; you lead others, you put up the guard lines and you pull the lines of being a leader”.
A total of 98 learners attended the workshop from Wennie du Plessis Secondary School, Johannes Dohren Secondary School, Epako Senior Secondary School and Mokganedi Thlabanello High School.
NUSAA held similar workshops in Walvis Bay and Keetmanshoop in the past two months.
NUSAA is a community of former participants of United States government-sponsored exchange programmes.