Elderly OvaHerero Chief dies at Ovitoto

21 Oct 2015 17:50pm
WINDHOEK, 21 OCT (NAMPA) - An elderly Chief of the Ovitoto farming area under the OvaHerero Traditional Authority (OTA), Petrus Itjanga Hiuii has died.
The 105-year-old Chief Hiuii passed on at a house in the capital on 17 October this year.
The news of the death of Chief Hiuii was made public by the Chief of the Ovitoto farming area, Vipuira Kapuuo during an interview with Nampa on Wednesday morning.
He said the late chief died as a result of old age.
Chief Kapuuo said the late Chief Hiuii will be laid to rest on Sunday at a church cemetery next to other OvaHerero prominent personalities such as Chiefs Andreas Kukuri, Aron Kapere and Aron Kahuko, amongst others.
According to Chief Kapuuo, some rituals will be performed on Saturday when the remains of the late chief will be taken from the settlement of Okandjira to Otjongombe village in the Ovitoto area.
“The death of Chief Petrus Itjanga Hiuii is a big loss to the entire community of the Ovitoto area because he was an inspirational person to all the people residing in the Ovitoto area.
“Chief Hiuii was a special person to the community of the Ovitoto because he gave up all his positions to the young people before his death. The late Chief was a depository of the knowledge about the OvaHerero people's culture to the residents of the Ovitoto area. He was also instrumental in the setting up (drilling) of several boreholes in the Ovitoto area,” noted Chief Kapuuo.
The late Chief Hiuii moved to the Ovitoto farming area to a village called Otjongombe in 1924, and was a resident of that village until his death on 17 October this year.
He was also part of a group of Namibians who drafted a petition in 1947 that was given to the late Reverend Michael Scott to be handed over to the United Nations.
The late chief was also part of a group of OvaHerero people who authored the Constitution of the OvaHerero people's Red Flag in 1946.
The chief leaves behind a daughter, grandchildren and nephews.
His two wives passed away before him.