Stanley Similo Returns to the NBC as Director General

October 21, 2015, 1:37pm

Stanley Similo officially resumed duties at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc) as the new Director General. He succeeds Albertus Aochamub who became the official spokesperson of the President after his 5-year term at the corporation.

Similo was welcomed back in style by nbc management and other employees on Monday, 10 October 2015 which was his official starting date, although he signed his employment contract only on Tuesday 20 October 2015.

Some of his older colleagues who have worked with him in the advertising section before he moved on to work in the local program production section that was responsible for producing Talk of the Nation and Tutaleni, joined the rest of the nbc employees in welcoming Similo with open arms, who had returned to the corporation to occupy the highest office.

Similo was an employee of the then, South West African Broadcasting Corporation (SWABC) from 1985, and served the corporation in various capacities before joining the corporate world in 2002.

On his first day at office, Similo took a tour of the nbc television and radio offices and facilities to familiarize himself with the current situation at corporation and to meet staff members in person.

The eagerly awaited nbc DG said he could not have started at the corporation differently, then to go around and see who he still will remember and determine what the operational areas look like.

Similo said: “Given my deep roots in the Human Capital Development discipline and knowing how labour intensive this trade is, I have deliberately designed my term and agenda at the nbc to be about the people. I thus needed to see the people behind the mandate of this great institution and also plan to visit all regional offices soon,” added the passionate Similo during his visits.

Before signing his employment contract in Windhoek today, Tuesday, 20 October 2015, Similo thanked nbc Board Chairman Sven Thieme and Acting Director General, Vezenga Kauraisa for a job well done with the broadcaster thus far.

He said he will do all in his power to add to the good story of the corporation. The nbc Board Chairman Sven Thieme on his turn said he is happy with the current conditions at the nbc, adding that the team has created the basics and brought about stability to the business.

He says there are clear values and purpose and he still looks forward to the next five years with Similo at the helm. Thieme said there are challenges within the corporation, but he remains committed to the course.

“In whatever we do, we must do it in such a way that everybody feels they are part of the nbc,” the Board Chairman added. In his closing remarks, Similo hailed funding of the broadcaster from government, which made the DTT project possible.

He added that he plans to introduce reality TV on the nbc grid, as a project to be initiated by the corporation, to address peoples’ issues.

He said he also plans to not only concentrate on television, but will have everything in place to improve quality broadcast on radio through the DTT project. Signing off the new terms for the new Director General, Thieme and Similo concluded that, “Productivity and high levels of performance will become the norm for everyone.”