Winners in the BW and the NAGN 30x30 Art Competition

October 21, 2015, 12:57pm
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Winners in the Bank Windhoek and the National Art Gallery of Namibia’s (NAGN) 30x30 Art Competition were announced on Friday, 16 October 2015, at the NAGN.

The competition, which aimed to discover new and fresh talent in Namibia, required amateur artists to translate their creative ideas into any medium on a 30x30 cm stretched canvas.

The competition consisted of two categories, namely a School Category for secondary school learners (Grade 8 to 12 and age 14 to 19 at the time of submission) and an Amateur Category for artists who do not have any tertiary art qualification and have not had a solo exhibition or participated in a curated exhibition.

A panel of judges selected the best artworks and the artists that were selected as the top ten each received a cash prize of N$1 000. The five runners-up each received a merit award, of a cash prize of N$750.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Hercules Viljoen, Director of the NAGN, said: “The 30x30 Art Competition is a new initiative that challenges an emerging generation of artists who may soon form the new creative elite of Namibian art.  By becoming an annual event, the 30x30 Competition may soon expand the boundaries of creativity and boost the confidence of an - as yet – under-exposed group of new talents.”

“By providing all participants with the same challenge, which is a blank 30 x 30 cm canvas, the project promotes an act of problem-solving, which is at the basis of creativity. The artists of the artworks seen here tonight were all extremely brave by challenging themselves and by showing their creativity to an audience in this pioneering project,” Viljoen said.

Riaan van Rooyen, Head: Corporate Communication and Social Investment at Bank Windhoek said: “It is amazing to see all the creative and innovative ideas that were presented by artists on the 30x30 canvasses.”

“In line with what Pablo Picasso said: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” the Bank Windhoek Arts Festival gives a platform to Namibian artists to establish themselves within the local industry, while creating enjoyment for art lovers and to wash their souls from the dust of everyday life. Art is an integral part of life and life itself can become an art. Bank Windhoek knows that finances and banking are very much a science, but how we bring what we do to the market and our involvement and empathy with the community, is an art.  That is why we do not see ourselves as being in the money business, no, we are in the people business,” concluded van Rooyen.

The rest of the artworks, will be displayed at an exhibition where they will be on sale to the public for N$500. The exhibition will be open to the public until 31 October 2015.

Below are the top ten winners:

-       Charmaine Meintjies

-       Elvis Garoeb

-       Gideona Smith

-       Jessica Sack

-       Jodine Strauss

-       Michelle van Rooyen

-       Natache Iilonga

-       Shirley Witbooi

-       Laura Callard

-       Nicola Nawes


Below are the five merit award winners:

-       Jessica Sack

-       Antje Diener

-       Tangeni Shinana

-       Michael Kangandji

-       Collins Haipinge

Photo 1: 

Nicola Nawes, Amateur Artist; Natache Iilonga, Amateur Artist; Shirley Witbooi, Amateur Artist; Charmaine Meintjies, Scholar Artist; Elvis Garoeb, Amateur Artist; Marius Brundyn, Judge; Jane Strydom (represented Gideona Smith, Amateur Artist); Ndeenda Shivute, Curator at the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN); Nadé Farmer (represented Jodine Strauss, Scholar Artist); Christo de Vries, Managing Director at Bank Windhoek and Michelle van Rooyen; Scholar Artist

Photo 2: 

Ndeenda Shivute, Curator at the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN); Tangeni Shinana, Amateur Artist; Marius Brundyn, Judge; Collins Haipinge, Scholar Artist; Christo de Vries, Managing Director at Bank Windhoek; Antje Diener, Scholar Artist and Michael Kangandji, Scholar Artist.