Geingob provides clarity on 20 per cent pledge

20 Oct 2015 19:30pm


President Hage Geingob has provided clarity on his pledge to support less fortunate children following negative reactions from some quarters. The Head of State on Saturday pledged 20 per cent of his salary towards a scholarship fund for underprivileged children, at the launch of the Swapo Party's Regional and Local Government Elections campaign.

Responding to reactions from social media and other media platforms, as well as views that were expressed by opposition parties in the local media on Monday, Geingob said in a media statement issued by the Press Secretary in the Office of the President, Albertus Aochamub, the 20 per cent donation would be made 'from his own salary' to advance educational opportunities for underprivileged Namibians.

Some political parties were left unimpressed, saying the Head of State could have donated the wealth he accumulated instead of taking a portion of his monthly salary which is already tax-free.

Geingob was further quoted in the statement as saying the donation is not taxpayers' money as it has been alleged, but proceeds from his entitlements as a salaried person with a day job. The President further noted that the pledge was at some level a call to arms for all who are privileged and who want to care for those less fortunate than themselves.

"Each one has to take care of one. It underscores the core tenet of the President's message that if poverty is to be eradicated, all citizens and entities have to join the fight," he said.

Geingob further noted that the fight against poverty is not only a government challenge, but said each citizen has to play their part, however small that role might be.

"The issues are complex and all proposals aimed at winning the war are welcomed," he said.

The Ministry of Poverty Eradication will next Tuesday host the first Poverty Eradication and Wealth Redistribution conference, where Namibians will be provided with a platform to share ideas on poverty eradication.