Windhoek Mayor wants back cleanest city status

20 Oct 2015 09:30am
WINDHOEK, 20 OCT (NAMPA) - Hundreds of black refuse bags were filled by about 50 volunteers on Saturday morning in the Single Quarters area of Katutura Central.
The initiative was part of the Mayoral Clean-Up Campaign to ensure a cleaner and safer city.
Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua, who spearheaded the campaign, said he is not happy to learn that Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, had unseated Windhoek as the cleanest city in Africa.
According to international media reports, Kigali has been acclaimed Africa’s cleanest city, and this is widely attributed to its ban on non-biodegradable plastic bags since 2008. More so, one Saturday each month, residents clean their country in a mandatory practice called ‘Umuganda’, which means coming together to achieve a common purpose. The city has also gone car-free since August this year, thereby reducing air pollution in its central business district.
Dressed in a green overall, Kazapua said he is not prepared to live with that, hence residents must work hard with the City of Windhoek (CoW) to ensure their city gets back that status.
“It is therefore exactly for this reason that we (CoW) are intensifying clean-up campaigns with just that aim in mind - to take back our Number 1 status (as the cleanest city in Africa), and that can only be done by putting our efforts together,” the mayor said.
He added this can be done by people picking up rubbish around them, dumping rubbish only at designated spots, and by disseminating the message to keep the city clean to others.
“The CoW cannot do that alone and therefore relies on residents and visitors alike to share the news and do their part by not dumping rubbish just anywhere.”
Apart from encouraging residents to keep their city and environment clean, Kazapua also called on the nation to stop the brutal attacks on women and children, referring to the murder of the sisters, Jacqueline and Cecilia Kuaseua, on 09 October 2015.
“We have become a nation of sick minds. Nowadays, a woman is no more allowed to say 'I do not want to continue with the relationship any longer'.
“Women have become slaves at the hands of those who are supposed to be their protectors,” he said.
Speculation is rife that Jacqueline ended a relationship with her teacher, which led to the two killings.
Kazapua said the City’s leadership will stop at no point in its endeavour to make Windhoek a safer place for all. He assured the residents that the CoW will intensify its efforts, including the allocation of adequate resources to its the law-enforcement arm, the City Police.
One of the volunteers, Julia Abrahams from Hope Consultant Cleaning, told Nampa that it hurts her to see how people dump their rubbish anywhere.
“This is my area and I love to see the area always clean, hence my efforts to assist with the clean-up campaign,” she said.
Another volunteer was 75-year-old Esther Kasinee, who like other younger volunteers, walked several blocks picking up rubbish in front of other people’s yards and businesses.
Some of the materials discarded were broken liquor bottles, papers, plastic containers and discarded Brazilian hair in areas where there are several refuse bins and skip containers.