Tseiblaagte panel beater urges youth to become entrepreneurs

19 Aug 2013 03:40
KEETMANSHOOP, 19 AUG (NAMPA) – An emerging local entrepreneur has called on young people here to start their own businesses so that they may generate some income and provide jobs for others.
Keetmanshoop resident Kuudhingiliwa Malakia Lucky, who runs a panel beating business from the back of his corrugated iron shack home in Tseiblaagte Extension One, said job creation by young people would be a sure way to reduce the high unemployment rate in the country.
Speaking to Nampa about the importance of entrepreneurship in employment-creation on Sunday, Lucky said educated and uneducated young people must realise that starting a business is “the way out of poverty”.
He said one of his biggest aims in starting a business was to create jobs for other young people in order to reduce the youth unemployment rate.
“My message is that we must be our own employers and job creators. Most of my peers have lost morale when they do not have a formal job. Some of them have resorted to theft, which is a bad thing. I started my business and now I am able to support myself and a few other people financially,” Lucky said.
He has a certificate in panel beating, and established ‘Lucky Panel Beat and Mechanic, Welding Supply Material’ in September 2011, after quitting his job as a panel beater where he was earning N.dollars 1 400 per month.
His business is registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, but he is still looking for proper business space so that he can move the business away from his home.
“Business places are very expensive. Someone at my standard cannot afford to buy or rent one as they cost N.dollars 8 000 to 10 000 a month. But I will continue searching for a better place where my business will be well exposed to customers,” he said.
He earns more than N.dollars 10 000 a month and has employed two men who earn a monthly salary of up to N.dollars 3 000 each in a good month.
In a month when they do not get any clients, there is usually no salary for him and his employees because the money comes from the work done.
The entrepreneur said his business also offers other services such as fixing of petrol engines, welding and windscreen replacement.
Many of the taxis in Keetmanshoop receive services from him and they have shown a clear appreciation for his work.
“This year we also offered internships to six students from Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) in Keetmanshoop, which to me is a very big step for my business. We are very good at what we do, we have all the equipment and machinery, and even middle-class people bring their cars here,” Lucky said.
Apart from Lucky Panel Beat, Tseiblaagte has other panel beating businesses such as Kabila Panel Beating.