Swapo candidate vows to fight tribalism in Karibib

19 Oct 2015 14:00pm


The new Swapo Party candidate for the Karibib Constituency said she will fight tribalism and youth unemployment if voted into power in upcoming elections next month.

Melania Ndjago, who replaced former councillor Usiel Xoagub, told Nampa on Monday that she already started campaigning and one of the few things she needs to change is tribalism in the party and in the constituency at large.

"I will work with and serve everyone regardless of their political affiliation. It does not matter whether the person voted for me or not, I will work for the benefit of all," said Ndjago. She also said if voted as a councillor, she will advocate for housing, as most of the mine workers in the constituency have no houses of their own.

Overall, her campaign for the 2015 Regional and Local Authority elections will follow the Swapo Party manifesto that focuses mostly on poverty eradication. She will face competition from the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) candidates come the 27 November when eligible voters hit the polls nationwide.

Also speaking to Nampa about her campaign in the Arandis Constituency, which also includes Henties Bay, Swapo candidate Benitha Imbamba said she started with door-to-door campaigns, which will be followed by the rallies this week. Imbamba replaced former councillor Asser Kapere.

Her focus is to reduce labour issues in Henties Bay such as mistreatment of workers by employers, education and housing. "I will lobby for a secondary school for Henties Bay, as our children have to go to other towns in search of secondary education. Another thing is to ensure that the ordinary community members of Henties benefit from the seal harvest rights," said Imbamba.

An independent and UDF candidate will contest the regional election in Arandis. Johannes Hamutenya for the Omaruru Constituency said he started with door-to- door campaigns on Saturday. "I will focus on development and poverty reduction when voted into power," Humutenya said briefly.

Mike Tjirare was the former councillor for Omaruru. Hamutenya will battle it out with candidates from UDF, DTA of Namibia and the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO). Hafeni Ndemula for Walvis Bay Urban Constituency said he will continue the fight for land delivery and poverty reduction.

He will be contesting against candidates from the RDP and DTA. In the Daures Constituency, Ehrnst Katjiku faces a challenge from the UDF, NUDO and DTA candidates.

"I have started campaigning already. We have no fear because we penetrated the constituency. I compiled a booklet of the projects I have successfully completed and those to come; these and more will be my reasons for me to be given another term," Katjiku said.

Although Swakopmund Constituency Councillor, Juuso Kambueshe and John Nangolo for Walvis Rural could not be reached, Nampa established that they have also started campaigning.

Nangolo, Katjiku, Ndemula and Kambueshe represent the Swapo-party. President Hage Geingob officially launched the Swapo election campaign in Windhoek on Saturday. The Regional and Local Authority elections are expected on 27 November 2015.