Namibian Police recover stolen cattle in Zambia

18 Oct 2015 14:50pm
KAMENGA, Zambia, 18 OCT (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police in the Zambezi Region have called on local livestock farmers to employ cattle herders with proper identification documents, as it will enable the police to trace herders suspected of being cattle rustlers.
On Friday, Warrant Officer Kisco Sitali, through a statement issued to Nampa, urged farmers to take stock of their livestock by visiting their kraals regularly.
Sitali made this call following the handover of eight stolen cattle to Namibian authorities at the Kamenga and Singalamwe border post, via the Kongola Constituency on Thursday. The cattle belong to Bornface Subulwa Linamba, a Namibian citizen of the Sikuanga area.
The cattle were recovered at the Sinjembela area in Zambia, where a community police group known as ‘The Vigilantes’ rounded up one of three Zambian nationals who were allegedly driving the animals to a water point on 13 October 2015.
One man was arrested and detained at Sesheke in Zambia, while the others are still on the run.
“No case was registered with the Namibian Police since the owner only became aware of missing stock once contacted by the police.
According to Linamba, one of the cattle rustlers was employed by him and had only worked for a month when he disappeared after getting his salary.
“Linamba believes the cattle went missing from the kraal on 09 October and suspects the herd boy is one of the suspects on the run,” Sitali said.
He urged farmers to report cases of missing livestock or theft immediately, rather than following the tracks of cattle rustlers, as some could be armed and dangerous, adding that stray cattle must also be brought to the attention of the police.
“Police will launch investigations immediately and trace the suspects through their real identities or contact their neighbouring counterparts through existing bilateral co-operations,” said Sitali.
At the handover occasion, Linamba thanked the Namibian and Zambian police for their swift action in recovering his animals. He said he has been a victim of livestock theft numerous times, in which he failed to recover lost cattle in some cases.
“I have lost many cattle at the hands of criminals. In late 2014, I personally went to Zambia and recovered some of them, while others are still missing and unaccounted for.
“I thank the community group that managed to alert police in Zambia and Namibia, who have seen to it that my recent stolen cattle are brought back to me,” Linamba said.