DTA announces regional and local election candidates

15 Oct 2015 20:30pm


The DTA of Namibia Thursday announced its candidates in the Khomas Region who will contest the Regional Council and Local Authority elections slated for 27 November this year.

The DTA's Secretary-General (SG), Elma Dienda announced the names at a press conference. The candidates for the Regional Council Election are Benson Katjirijova (Katutura Central); Sylvester Kazapua (Khomasdal); Carolina Panniza (Windhoek West); Ina Gouws (Katutura East); Willem Hendrik Vries (Windhoek Rural); and 'Reggie' Reginald Diergaardt (Windhoek East).

No DTA candidates will contest the Samora Machel, John Pandeni, Moses //Garoeb and Tobias Hainyeko constituencies.

The candidates for the Local Authority Election are Ignatius Semba; Immanuel Aochamub; 'Reggie' Reginald Diergaardt; Charmaine Tjirare; Sylvester Kazapua; Natasha Gowases; Tugles Katuamba; Vakamuina Kamutuezu; Annie Cloete; Ina Gouws; Maria Hepundjua; Emelie Kalipa; Joseph Ngupahua; Lizette Humphries; and David Dienda.

The party said the main considerations during its campaigns will include the land issue, which is at the heart of each and every Namibian and 'should be a right and not a privilege'. The DTA will also address the plight of pensioners who have high debt with the City of Windhoek, which has raised tariffs beyond pensioners' affordability.

The DTA wants to ensure that municipal tariffs are altered for pensioners and not just written off. Dienda said the official opposition will also tackle the education system and issues affecting it, and look at how to improve it. (NAMPA) ANS/ND/LI