NA members to declare assets before end November

15 Oct 2015 19:00pm


Members of the National Assembly (NA) are expected to declare their business and financial interests before 30 November 2015. All members adopted the Code of Conduct and Declaration of Members' Interests forms on Wednesday, said NA Acting Secretary, Findley Harker in a media statement issued on Thursday.

Article 59 of the Namibian Constitution states that the NA shall make provision for disclosure of financial or business interests of its members. Harker explained that the NA shall have the power to subpoena any member to appear before it to give evidence under oath and to produce any documents required by it.

He said the purpose of the declaration of members' interests is two-fold, namely to ensure that Namibia's elected leaders maintain the highest standard of prosperity to ensure that their integrity and that of the political institutions they serve are beyond reproach.

The other purpose is to declare information on any financial interest or other material benefit that a member receives which might reasonably be thought by others to influence his or her actions, speeches or votes in Parliament, or actions taken in their capacity as a Member of Parliament.

"The declaration of interest does not in any way imply any wrongdoing, but it simply ensures transparency and accountability." Harker noted that members of the NA, as elected representatives, are servants of the people of Namibia and have a duty to maintain the dignity and image of the NA both during the sittings as well as in their acts and activities outside the NA.