Ueitele on a mission against poverty, unemployment

18 Aug 2013 04:40
GOBABIS, 18 AUG (NAMPA) - The Governor of the Omaheke Region, Festus Ueitele has pledged his commitment towards the elimination of poverty, unemployment and other challenges faced by the Omaheke Region.
Ueitele said he was puzzled as to how a region known as ‘cattle country’ and boasting the highest number of beef exports to neighbouring countries, could be languishing under such conditions.
He made the remarks on Wednesday when he handed over donations to two families that lost children in fires at Aminuis and Epukiro over a week ago.
Two toddlers burnt to death in a shack fire at Aminuis allegedly caused by a burning candle. A third child survived the incident with serious burns on her face, arms and back after she was miraculously rescued by a member of the public.
The deceased were identified as six-year-old Baja Kambapani and four-year-old Ndjitiza Kambapani, while the survivor was identified as Hitjiva Kazeurua.
In another shack fire in Epukiro, also in the Omaheke Region, three children burnt to death after an oil lamp left burning ignited the shack.
Ueitele indicated that he will dedicate his efforts towards removing the labels placed on the region, such as it being one of the most poverty-stricken regions, and being amongst the two hardest-hit regions when it comes to unemployment.
The governor said despite the Omaheke Region being blessed with an abundant livestock population, the larger part of the population here is deprived of basic commodities and still live in corrugated iron houses, while others go to bed hungry.
“Logic tells me as a layman that somewhere, somehow, somebody must be robbing the other, and that drastic action is needed to address these wrongs. My assumptions are that some exploitation is the order if the day - it is unacceptable that we should suffer so heavily under the yokes of poverty and unemployment,” he stated.
Ueitele noted that the abuse of drugs and alcohol, in addition to “pure laziness”, are some of the top contributors to the region’s development woes.
He implored Omaheke residents to join hands by “rolling up our sleeves and dirtying our hands if we want to build this region and nation”.
The regional governor also placed the blame on the shoulders of farmers’ associations and cooperatives, which he said are making profits from farmers by organising auctions and pocketing commissions which are never brought back into communities.
“Government has wonderful plans which are aimed at bringing about positive change for our people, but what we are doing as implementers is contrary to the spirit and letter of these programmes,” he said.