Disabled family members should be assisted: Kaveta

14 Oct 2015 12:50pm
OPUWO, 14 OCT (NAMPA) – The Opuwo District Hospital's rehabilitation division has called on residents to take their disabled family members for screening at relevant institutions so they can receive the necessary assistance.
According to Daniel Kaveta, a rehabilitation officer, families are shy to report cases of disabilities to the relevant institutions - something which hampers assistance to those living with disabilities.
“Family members hide cases of people living with disability and this results in these people not getting the help they need,” he said.
In an interview with Nampa on Tuesday, Kaveta said there are a number of factors that lead to families neglecting their disabled relatives.
He said people are stigmatised, amongst others by members of the communities they live in making insensitive remarks, while others believe that disability is a curse.
“They are told they are cursed by God and that is why they are disabled,” Kaveta said.
He also said families bring people living with disabilities to the centre, but in most cases the motive is not for the victim to get assistance, but the disability grant given to such people which the family members want to use for themselves.
The disability grant is N. dollars 250 for children under the age of 16, while everyone older than this age pockets N. dollars 1 000.
In an effort to encourage the rendering of assistance to people living with disability, the division has trained 27 Community Based Rehabilitation Volunteers (CBRV) to provide direct support or referral to appropriate resources for needed services.