Muharukua breaks the silence on her advisors

14 Oct 2015 10:00am
OPUWO, 13 OCT (NAMPA) – The Governor of the Kunene Kegion can no longer bear the criticism around the appointment of her advisors.
The Head of State, Hage Geingob has appointed Katuutire Kaura and John //Khamuseb as advisors to Angelika Muharukua.
Kaura, whose appointment has made headlines, is a former leader of the DTA of Namibia.
In a recent interview with Nampa, Kaura confirmed his membership to the DTA.
“I am still a member of the DTA and this is just a service I am rendering the Namibian nation as I have been doing in the past,” Kaura said.
Geingob’s appointment has provoked disagreement from opposition parties viewing it as not only a waste of the tax payers’ money but also as Swapo Party’s way of making sure it breaks the dominance of opposition parties in the region.
The Kunene Region is politically dominated by the DTA and the United Democratic Front (UDF).
Swapo Party only has control over one constituency in Kunene Region, Outjo. The UDF rules in Khorixas, Kamanjab and Sesfontein constituencies while the Epupa and Opuwo constituencies are controlled by the DTA.
“We don’t see the logic in the president’s decision to appoint two governors to one region,” said Joseph Kauandenge who serves as the special advisor to the president of National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo), Asser Mbai.
Some members of the community also voiced their dissatisfaction in this regard saying that the region has competent people to serve as advisors to the governor.
One such person mentioned as competent in this regard is Mbeumuna Muhuka, who is the personal assistant to Muharukua.
According to a source, who opted to remain anonymous, the issue is not about the advisors being two, but about Kaura’s appointment to that position.
In an interview with Nampa last week Monday, Muharukua, who said Namibia is lucky to have copied governing systems from those countries that gained independence before it, is of the opinion that Geingob did nothing wrong.
According to her, this is just an extension of the Policy of National Reconciliation.
“Kaura is not the first member of an opposition party to be appointed to a senior position in Government, there were others before him, even the first governor of this region, the late Hitjevi Veii, was not a member of Swapo,” Muharukua said.
The governor said that her office has an open door policy that welcomes everyone and every piece of advice that can trigger and promote regional development.
“I don’t think that competence should be limited by not being appointed to a specific government position. I urge people to come and share whatever ideas they have, which are in the interest of the development of our region,” Muharukua requested.
//Khamuseb, who has been appointed as advisor on matters in the southern part of the region is a former Swapo coordinator at Khorixas.