Jacqueline filed for protection order; cousin

12 Oct 2015 20:30pm
WINDHOEK, 12 OCT (NAMPA) – One of two sisters murdered allegedly by her teacher on Friday, had earlier that week filed for a protection order against him, a cousin of the deceased sisters says.
Sisters Jacqueline Panna Kauseua, 18, and Cecilia Kauseua, 30, were found dead in a Khomasdal riverbed behind the Elim Primary School in the Khomasdal residential area on Friday.
A teacher of Jacqueline at the Augustineum Secondary School where she was a Grade 10 learner, was arrested for the double murder on the same day.
Tjiyandjeua Hirongua, a cousin to the sisters, told Nampa on Monday Jacqueline asked for a protection order against the suspect because he was threatening her.
However, because of a lack of evidence against the suspect, he was only told by the police to stay away from Jacqueline. This information could not be verified with the police at the time of writing this story.
“He was using another phone and that is why the threatening messages could not be found,” she said.
Hirongua said the teacher forcefully took Jacqueline’s mobile phone from her at school on Friday morning.
“Jacqueline called Cecilia and told her the suspect took her phone, and both of them went to him to get the phone back. However, when they arrived where he was, he told them that he hid the phone in the bush,” she said.
Hirongua continued that the suspect then took the sisters to “where the phone was”.
However, their lifeless bodies were discovered there later that same day in the bush behind the primary school.
Asked whether the family was aware of a suspected affair between Jacqueline and that teacher, Hirongua said: “Only the sisters knew, and Jacqueline was ‘living’ with the suspect at the school hostel but in a different room, because they were hiding the affair”.
The suspect was arrested on the school premises that Friday evening while he was drinking battery acid in an attempt to end his life.
He is still in hospital under police guard.