Suspected murder-suicide shocks Opuwo

12 Oct 2015 11:50am


The police in the Kunene Region are investigating a possible murder-suicide, after two bodies were discovered in a decomposed state in a house at Opuwo's Okatuwo informal settlement.

The body of a man was found hanging from a rope, while the body of a woman was found on the floor of the same room. It is suspected that the man killed the woman before he committed suicide by hanging himself in the same room.

The man has been identified as Nguapeua Matundu, 28, and the woman as Vemusyepo Zatjinda, 27. The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)'s regional crime investigation co-ordinator for Kunene, Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Kanyetu told Nampa on Monday this kind of crime is rare in the region.

"I came to this region in January and this is the first killing of this sort," Kanyetu said.

The decomposed bodies were discovered on Sunday morning. According to neighbours, the couple was last seen on Thursday. People became suspicious when a foul smell was detected from the room in which the bodies were found.

"The smell was so strong and disturbing that we were forced to come closer to find out if there was someone in the room, only to find that the key was in the door and the door was locked," a community member said.

The police were informed immediately and reacted speedily. They broke the door down and found the two bodies. What led to the incident remains a mystery. The victims' next of kin have been informed and police investigations in the matter continue.